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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

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Located on the Southwestern tip of India, Kerala is known for its unique geographical features, tranquil backwaters, serene beaches, exotic wildlife and lush mountains. Did you know it is also a haven for foodies? The Spice Capital of the World offers numerous unique, traditional and authentic delicacies for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
However, that is not what sets Kerala apart from the other states in India. Every region in the state has their own signature dishes, specialties and even distinctive ways of cooking! Malabar Cuisine is one such unique cuisine of Kerala popular for its rich ingredients, flavours and aromas, making it much sought after and popular with foodies.

Want to explore the rich traditional Malabar cuisine? Vythiri village in Wayanad, Kerala, is one such destination to indulge in authentic Malabar cuisines. Here are 20 Must Try Ethnic Malabar Dishes that you should not miss while in Kerala: 

Killikoodu is a delicious Malabar snack usually prepared during the Ramzan season. It is multi-layered with vermicelli, mashed vegetables and chicken, mutton or fish, which makes it look like a Killikoodu or bird's nest and hence the name.

Malabar Biriyani is the most popular delicacy from the Malabar region of Kerala and a favorite among the Biriyani lovers across the globe. Also known as Thalassery biryani and cooked with spices and chicken, it is a rice based dish famed for its richness aroma and taste. 

Chemmeen puttu is a traditional Kerala dish, in which chemmeen or prawns is stuffed in steam cake made of rice and grated coconut. The dish is not only healthy but the chemmeen, prepared with rich Kerala spices, can leave craving for more! 

Spicy and delicious Kerala style Beef Fry is a taste buds tingling dish ideally served with Puttu. Beef Fry also known as Beef Olathiyathu is a signature dish of the region and the cylindrical Puttu/ steam cake is a traditional breakfast dish with rice flour and coconut

Visiting Wayanad, Kerala? Never return without indulge in the traditional Kerala sadya! It is a variety traditional vegetarian feast served on a banana leaf. As an important part of the Kerala cuisine, it is a part of all small and big festivities of Kerala. 

Chatti Pathiri is a North Malabar delicacy and Iftar dish. Available in both sweet and savoury variations, it is a layered pan cake usually made with egg, meat or chicken.

Mutta Maala is one of the popular Ramzan dessert ideally served as a side dish. With its origins traced back to Arab and Central Asian origins and made of eggs and sugar, the term mutta mala translates to 'egg necklace'.

Pazham nirachathu is a very tasty snack in the Malabar Iftar feast prepared by stuffing coconut mixture in banana dipped in maida batter and fried.  It is delicious, filling as well as a nutritious snack. 

Malabar duck roast is an authentic and traditional dish of the region. The lip smackingly delicious dish is sure to make quite an impression on all. 

Unnakai delicious, sweet Regional snack prepared chiefly using plantain and coconut.  It is most often prepared to be eaten at celebrations, weddings, Iftar and other festivities. 

Malabar is known for its variety of pathiri/pathal. The tasty Chemmeen Pathiri/ Chemmeen Pathal are rice based pancakes had with specially prepared chemmeen or prawns and usually steamed in banana leaf.

Malabar Fish Biriyani is one of the most authentic and favourite biriyani dish from North Kerala. The fish cooked coconut oil and spices layered between unique, flavoured rice is absolutely delicious.

Traditional Kadala Curry (Black Chickpeas) is a very popular curry across the country and beyond. The aroma of the freshly roasted masalas and amazing spicy flavour makes the dish truly captivating. It is usually served with Puttu and appam making a very healthy combination for breakfast.

Chemmeen Curry is a traditional, very delicious prawns dish made in earthen pots to enhance flavours. The juicy prawns and with a warm blend of coconut milk is sure to put a spell on your taste buds.

Wayanadan Chicken Curry is one of the mouthwatering specialties of the region. Cooked in coconut gravy, the dish is rich in spices and can be had with anything from rice to pathiri.

Chemmeen Pollichathu is a delicious dish in which prawns is cooked in a tangy and spicy coconut sauce wrapped in banana leaf. It is one of the favourite sea food delicacies of the region.

Now, here is something that should not be missed by anyone visiting the Malabar region in Kerala. Calicut Halwa, Kozhikode Halwa or Kozhikodan Halwa is the famous Kerala style wheat halwa which is very delicious and highly in demand. It has a rubbery yet soft texture which melts into your mouth.

Thalassery chicken biriyani is an authentic and aromatic biriyani dish which is a favourite among biriyani lovers across the globe. It is a spice-rich, rice dish with a strong connection to the Mughlai cuisine.

Karimeen (Pearl spot fish) Pollichathu is a unique fish preparation in which each piece of fish is wrapped up in a banana leaf and steamed till done. The fish is crisp on the outside and soft and juicy from inside.

Chemeen Ada is a delicious dish usually served as a snack especially during the Ramzan. It is rice pancakes with prawns stuffing cooked perfectly in a mix of spices and coconut.

Where to eat it all?
Both rich and colourful, the sensational Kerala cuisine is transforming the famous port city into a modern culinary attraction. Set apart from the well-worn trail of traditional tourist destinations, Spice Bowl Restaurant at Vythiri Village Luxury Spa Resort in Wayanad offers a selection of quintessential, authentic Malabar dishes.
We hope you will visit us soon to try out all traditional, authentic and lip-smacking dishes of Malabar and Kerala.